Al Goodwin Singer Songwriter

Al’s writing tells of heart breaking truth’s about love and life and his control of each eloquently crafted song oozes the joy and pain of his life’s experiences which he shares openly, inviting us to journey with him through his melodic and rhythmic landscapes. Al’s work is a triumph of the artist remaining faithful to the truth. Never compromising or giving way to influence. His live performances provide exactly the same experiences as do the cleverly simple and emotionally evocative videos for his songs. 


Following up from his acclaimed album ‘Birth, Death and In Between’ Al is in the midst of his new works with two new releases available to hear now ‘All Colours Shine’ and ‘So Real’ fostering the same intensity but with a heart rendering and beautifully crafted fuller production that harks back to the greats of the 70’s but with a very modern touch.

I started playing 'Birth Death and In Between' a month ago and it has become a real ear worm. Americana with a real old country English twist. Personal not political but a raw real passion and honesty in the lyrics and some great tunes. It has lasted and grown on me which always impresses”

— Bob Oram (Morning Star, The Peoples Daily)

Sparks of hope fly from each one of Al Goodwin's songs as he takes you on a journey through the pivotal moments in his life. A warm, honest Yorkshireman, Al is no stranger to the hard grind of life and is clearly not afraid to bare his soul. But his sincere lyrics and fully charged acoustic guitar playing are laced with a strength, compassion and humour that verges on intoxicating. Experiencing a live performance with Al is like hanging out with an old friend with some great songs thrown in. A richly rewarding experience that comes with a lingering afterglow”

— Mark Goldie (Starbird TV)