Al is a very talented singer/songwriter. I mastered his album 'Birth, Death And In Between' and loved every second of it. Fantastic work from a guy that tells it as it is. Well done Al. Here's wishing you loads of success”

Pete Maher Mastering engineer for U2, The Rolling Stones and many more

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Next Live Show 

I'm delighted to announce my next show. I'll be playing in my hometown of York on December 5th.
Gonna be great playing back in York. I'll be joined by Dave Freeney (ex Rough Mix) and Ian Gill (ex This Happy Breed) will be joining us on a couple of numbers playing a mighty fine mandolin.
Tickets are available HERE

Recent Acoustic Show (Fan Vid and Review) 

Well I managed to battle my nerves for my first show since supporting Bill Bragg last year at The barking Folk Festival.
I must admit to being overcome with stage fright,
In hindsight the gig billed as "Up Close and Intimate" was a great success. It was a sold out show and the audience were wonderful.
I know some of you were there and your support and kind words afterwards were so appreciated.
The gig was reviewed by The Morning Star paper, big thanks to Bob Oram for the review.
Here it is:   "Ageing Bard TellsRead more

Dutch Courage 

A lazy Sunday morning and I was just getting pics from my old site.

The pic above was weird to see, it was actually the first time I ever performed, think I was 19/20 (sorry about the moustache). 

I'd just sacked off my apprenticeship at British Rail with only a few months remaining, my dad kicked me up the arse. He said "What the hell are you gonna do now?" I replied play music, write songs and travel to as many countries as possible. I let him down that day but I'm sure he would be proud of me now 


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